January 25, 2013

Harold Burrage - Messed Up

1. You Eat Too Much
2. One More Dance
3. Hot Dog And A Bottle Of Pop
4. Messed Up
5. I Don't care Who Knows (Master)
6. Satisfied (Master)
7. Stop For The Red Light ( Overdubbed Master)
8. A Heart (Filled With Pain)
9. She Knocks Me Out
10. Betty Jean
11. I Cry For You (Master)
12. She Knocks Me Out (Alternate Take)
13. Satisfied (Alternate Take)
14. I Cry For You (Alternate Take)
15. Stop For The red Light (Undubbed Master)
16. I Don't care Who Knows (Alternate Take 1)
17. I Don't care Who Knows (Alternate Take 2)


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